Wahkohtowin Project Forester Isabelle Allen and Wildlife Biology Intern Elena McCulloch have received their Certificates of Completion for the FSC Chain of Custody and Controlled Wood Expert online course! The course took place over Zoom from November 16th to November 20th and was organized by Preferred by Nature (previously NepCon). The course culminated in a final exam that both Isabelle and Elena passed in order to receive the Certificate of Completion.

What is Chain of Custody? Wood that comes from FSC certified forests, such as the Martel Forest, goes through a ‘Chain of Custody’ on its way to the consumer. This follows the wood going from the forest to a sawmill to a shipping company and so on. Along the way, FSC wood will likely cross paths with wood from other, uncertified sources. Chain of Custody standards ensure that the materials that go into an FSC labelled product are known, trusted and reflect the claim on the label accurately. Chain of custody doesn’t only apply to wood from FSC forests, but recycled materials and controlled wood as well. Controlled wood, another element of this online course, is wood that is uncertified but comes from a known origin that is trusted to not include any unacceptable practices (such as illegal harvesting or genetically modified trees).

This certificate demonstrates that Isabelle and Elena have sufficient knowledge of CoC to pass a course that is officially approved by FSC and is an essential element of training for aspiring auditors. Wahkohtowin is grateful to RYAM for assisting in increasing the capacity of our employees.

See https://ca.fsc.org/en-ca/standards/chain-of-custody-standards or https://preferredbynature.org/training for more information.