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Wahkohtowin Development GP Inc was established after 10 years of Developmental work by the Northeast Superior Regional Chiefs Forum and its supporting materials.
Incorporated late April in 2016 utilizing MNRF Resource Revenue Share pilot funds, the corporation has focused on maintaining service delivery on projects of the NSRCF and operationalizing key business areas in Forest Management Services, holding an equity position in the Hornepayne Sawmill/Cogen, establishing forest harvesting services – initially with trucking and partnering with a Human Resource – Recruitment and Placement Service provider; as a start.
Participation by Aboriginal communities in the Full Benefits Derived from Forest Management Planning and Forest Sector as a principle objective under Ontario’s Forest Policy Framework continues to have gaps in performance and function.
The Shareholder First Nations remain engaged, interested and affected but most of all optimistic that they will take their place as land stewards through its Development Corporation.


Wahkohtowin Development General Partnership Incorporated (WDGPI) was created in 2016 by the member communities of the northeast superior regional chiefs’ forum as a means of advancing regional strategic economic opportunities from a non-political, reconciliation based approach.

Envisioned by the Northeast Superior Regional Chiefs Forum (NSRCF) as an outcome of 12+ years of political activity in the areas of sustainable lands and environment, governance – it is seen as a balancing entity to the Social, Cultural, Environmental, and Economic framework sought by the NSRCF.

Wahkohtowin was formed by three Northeast Superior region First Nations to advance a number of strategic economic opportunities generated through years of developmental work by the NSRCF. It is a non-political strategic planning body with a mandate to advance an inclusive regional collaborative approach to economic development through First Nation – municipal partnerships.

WDGPI was incorporated in April 2016 with a mandate to build and take up business opportunities related to the forest sector.


Wahkohtowin‘ in the Cree language represents kinship or connectedness. Further, as an extension of oneself to all things land, air, water, animals and spirit; as though we are all cousins.

The logo was inspired from a Cree researcher that attempted visualizing this representation through the spirals – starting from the bottom land, trees, self, animals, community, water, air and spirit.

The two arms the logo were originally three, representing Governance, Resilience, Empowerment/Healing.

In the spirit of regional connectedness and the mission of the NSRCF two arms are represented. One being the First Peoples of the Region the other representing the non indigenous presence (municipalities, provincial authorities/governance and third party business focused on resource extraction) and growth in the Region.

The arms start near each other at the bottom much like the original start of the coexistence era of Treaty and over time the arms grew apart. As you move to the top of the arms they begin to arch back together recognizing Wahkohtowin and the new era of reconciliation that we are all exploring for the foreseeable future.

In this current world of globalization, climate change and ongoing geopolitical challenges both domestic and international the regions long term sustainability depends on near term collaboration.

This includes sharing and co-creating solutions for the Region to improve resiliency and prosperity. Poverty has no place in the Northeast Superior Region today.

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