FSC National Forest Stewardship Standard Project

Welcome to our project page focused on Indigenous Engagement and the new National Forest Stewardship Standard at Forest Stewardship Council – Canada!

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This project is resourced primarily by Environment and Climate Change Canada as they have a shared interest in better understanding the landscape level solution found in the new NFSS. At FSC Canada they also provide in-kind support to ensure the scope of the project is consistent with the international indicators and the materials are relevant to Canada’s regional context in the world – through a chamber balanced, member-driven process – Social, Aboriginal, Environmental and Economic.

These areas include Landscape Level Solutions associated with:

  • Ecosystem gap analysis – for function and integrity
  • Species at Risk – collaborative solution options
  • Free, Prior, and Informed Consent – upholding the protection of Indigenous Peoples Rights
  • Indigenous Cultural Landscapes – Case Study work exploring what indicators or guidance may be needed

We are working actively to acquire and maintain three Coordinators across Canada – West, Central and East (see contact info below); the role of the Coordinators is to participate in the learning opportunities that are made available through this project, provide outreach to affected First Nations who are in or near Forest Management Certified lands and collaborate with a growing number of participating First Nations across Canada to better understand what the benefits to Indigenous People can be through the FSC NFSS – or what is in the Tool box!


Coordinator Team includes representatives from three bands that belong to the Tsilhqot’in National Government


Wahkohtowin Development GP Inc.


David Flood, General Manager



Unama’ki Institute of Natural Resources (UINR)


Elizabeth Jessome, Eastern Coordinator


We have initiated a database of First Nations affected by the FSC National FSS and estimate there are approximately 160.

We have generated a map to show where FSC Forest Management exists in Canada currently and its proximity to First Nation communities.

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Contact FSC Canada

Vivian Peachey

Director of Forest Management Standards

FSC Canada



Elaine Marchand

Directrice régionale, Est du Canada/Regional Manager, Eastern Canada

FSC Canada



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FSC and Forest Management Planning Webinars:

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Introduction to FSC:

Start here if you are new to FSC

Webinar Descriptions

Introduction to FSC and the New National Standard:

Describes what FSC is and how the new national standard came to be. Features a basic description of each of the 10 principles of forest stewardship. Click here to see the full text of the New National Forest Management Standard.

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Key Indicators of the FSC Standard for Indigenous Communities:

Provides a breakdown of all the indicators of the standard that are relevant to Indigenous Peoples’ and the benefits they can provide.

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High Conservation Values

An introduction to the six categories of High Conservation Values and Area of Concern prescriptions, featuring examples from the Martel-Magpie Forest in Northeastern Ontario.

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Herbicide Alternatives Program

Introduction to the use of herbicide in forest management in Ontario, and the Herbicide Alternatives Program (HAP).

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FSC Certificate Search Tutorial:

How to use FSC’s Public Certificate Search to find local certificate holders and audit reports

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FSC Canada’s National Risk Assessment – Controlled Wood:

Learn about chain of custody certification, the controlled wood standard, and what the national risk assessment and its control measures mean for companies harvesting wood in Canada. Emphasis on indicators of the risk assessment relevant to Indigenous Peoples Rights. Includes some resources you can use to learn about controlled wood and certificate holders in your area.

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Certification Bodies and How to File a Formal Complaint:

Develop a deeper understanding of how companies get and keep their FSC certificates. Review all the stages involved in filing a formal complaint about something happening in an FSC certified forest.

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Live Webinars

Recordings of live presentations and discussions are archived here

Webinar Descriptions

P3 Direct Agreements with FSC Certificate Holders:

This 30 minute webinar is structured around a Q&A with Wahkohtowin staff on topics related to Free, Prior and Informed Consent and Principle 3 Direct Agreements with FSC certificate holders.

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Q&A for P3 Agreement Webinar:

A recording of the discussion that took place March 4th 2021 following the 30 minute P3 Direct Agreements webinar between all participants. Includes screen sharing of template P3 direct agreement and template BCR documents that are available to download here.

Indigenous Cultural Landscapes Webinar (with The Firelight Group)

Presentation from The Firelight Group on their Case Study of Indigenous Cultural Landscapes, commissioned by Wahkohtowin Development. This virtual gathering shares a Case Study methodology for use by Indigenous communities and explores the readiness of the current FSC Canada national standard to acknowledge and respect Indigenous Cultural Landscapes. Includes a Q&A session with Firelight and Wahkohtowin staff. Note that Wahkohtowin’s Introduction to FSC and the New National Standard video was played for participants who attended this webinar and is recommended pre-viewing if you are new to FSC or would like a quick refresher!