Birch Syrup

Looking for a great gift for your customers, staff or even just for yourself and support one of our youth initiatives.

Your Purchase will go towards supporting and growing the Guardian Program where we invest in the Cultural, Spiritual, Environmental, Economic, and Entrepreneurial ways of being in relation to their homelands.

This product is collected by Youths in support of Youths.

Each bottle includes a recipe to try out.

Bottles are available in 2 sizes;

45ml for $15.00 and 200ml for $35.00

To learn more about our Guardian Program visit


For more recipes, please see below

Venison Chili Recipe

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Birch Syrup Glazed Carrots Recipe

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Birch Syrup Salad Dressing Recipes

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Birch Smoked Trout Recipe

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Other Ways we use Birch Syrup

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