Help First Nations Monitor and Protect Moose in Northern Ontario!

Moose are a cultural keystone species for First Nations in Ontario. They are a vital link in a community’s connection to the land and to tradition.

For the past two decades, Moose have been declining in Ontario, and Indigenous communities have expressed concern about moose numbers as well as their health, including possible transmission of disease or contaminants through meat. Indigenous peoples use the phrase ‘all my relations’ in this meaning they are referring to all animals, all plants, all ecosystems, all people that interrelate and rely on each other for sustainability

Wahkohtowin Development’s three owner First Nations are looking to take up their traditional role as stewards of the moose population on their territories by independently monitoring moose while also collaborating with the province to improve how habitat is managed.

Wahkohtowin is actively working on behalf of our owner communities on developing monitoring protocols and submitting proposals to Ontario and the forest industry, but we need more support from critical donors like you We are targeting $75,000 in order to take the next step and pilot this program.

Our Priorities:

– Carry out seasonal monitoring activities with local Indigenous youth as part of Wahkohtowin’s Guardian Program

– Provide monitoring data directly to our communities Lands and Resource departments.

– Develop improved methods for identifying critical late winter moose habitat, to be integrated into forest management planning in Ontario.

– Compel forest managers to cease herbicide spraying in areas that provide browse for moose, especially areas used by moose in critical seasons like fall and winter.

We need your help to fund this program!

Support Indigenous-led monitoring and conservation of an iconic and culturally significant species!