Chi-meegwetch for stopping by and inquiring about Wahkohtowin’s services

We are pleased to launch for April 1st, 2019 forward the following range of services:

– Negotiating Customized Consultation Approach agreements with OMNRF – available under the FM Planning Manual (a regulation of the Crown Forest Sustainability Act)

– Develop with communities FMP inputs and assessments for Long Term Management Direction and Desired Future Forest Benefits

– Land Use and Cultural Values Mapping; mapping techniques, data management and analysis for Cultural, Land Use and Occupancy Values.

Lands and Resources Department:

Wahkohtowin offers both a start up model for forming LR Departments – including governance and policy; consultation, notice and referrals handling, project briefings, negotiations and funding models.

Additionally, Wahkohtowin offers a 360 degree evaluation package to assist Lands and Resources existing models to grow and improve to best service changing community needs and external processes.

Forest Sector:

Industry is often challenged with understanding the evolving space of consultation requirements with Indigenous peoples, including jurisdiction, community engagement and the need for internal company Cultural Awareness Training;

Wahkohtowin offers corporate sessions that bring about a contemporary understanding and if requested proposals for pathways forward;

Certification Assessments and Performance Review of various agreements.

Services are developed with the proponent either using existing methodology or co-developing with the parties.

Through Partnership:

Employment Recruitment and Placement:
As it becomes increasingly challenging for companies of all sizes to attract new employees to NORTHERN Ontario – with Workforce/Calstone – Joint Venture as a regional conduit – we are well positioned to connect employers and job seeker.

Mistikuskahk Resources Inc.:
A full service Forest Management Planning and Operational Services firm – Wahkohtowin and First Resource Management Group are able to focus on growing quality services and people of the region to maintain a Sustainable Forest Management System.

Please contact David Flood, RPF – General Manager to discuss your needs or to connect with our services